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Float & Sting Like Tina

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September 2022

“You can’t teach heart. It’s not teachable. You need to be able to get hit and get up.”

With only five years of boxing experience, Tina Rahimi won a Bronze medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham —and made her the first Muslim woman to represent the sport for Australia.

Though she took her first boxing class in Sydney at only 21, she quickly challenged the fact that very few hijabi women attend high level sports competitions.

Coming from a family of Persian athletes, wrestlers, and warriors, Tina's unwavering focus and strength is felt inside and outside the ring where she’s also driven by her Muslim faith.

Now training for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, Tina won Gold medal at the 2022 National Championship in Australia, where the state of New South Wales banned boxing for women until 2009.

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